Michael Moore’s latest film, Capitalism: A Love Story, is about the financial meltdown and the greedy bankers behind its events. Although we typically associate Michael with his polemics against the health care industry, this latest film looks at how Wall Street, rather than Big Insurance, used home mortgages as a tool against the average citizen’s finances. The film may not address the most pressing issue facing mortgage-holders, however. How can the average homeowner refinance their mortgages rates into a permanent loan? This article will quickly look at the methods.

Most homeowners know that they can modify an adjustable rate mortgage into permanent rate loan. This technique allows you to make small interest charges during insecure financial circumstances.

Lowering Mortgage Rates can Help if You Have Trouble Meeting Monthly Expenses

A few homeowners basically receive mortgage loans with interest rates that are much too high. What results is economic trouble for the homeowner, which means their entire life will be affected by this financial shortcoming. However, with the right mortgage refinance rates, a homeowner can modify the monthly expenses and save hundreds of dollars a month. This can usually be achieved quickly and with little trouble – so long as the homeowner meets a few basic requirements.

Get Better Credit Ratings

One reason you can save considerably on your rates is a higher credit score. You may have received your mortgage when your credit ranking much lower than it is now; as a result your rates were higher to compensate for that risk. Now that your credit score is higher, it’s possible you can take advantage of lower rates.


Since 2001 Child magazine has conducted a very detailed survey that helps to pinpoint the pediatric institutions that provide the best leading-edge medical care and treatment. More than 3 million children are hospitalized every single year and for parents this is an especially hard time with feelings of helplessness sometimes being overwhelming. Even though Medicare for seniors is a big issue in regards to health care reform, children’s health insurance has received less attention; for that reason, finding a quality hospital that provides affordable care is especially important.

This survey of the nation’s hospitals can help you find the best hospital for your child’s particular medical needs. The survey is composed of 247 questions examining everything from survival rates to research studies and everything in between. An interesting result from the survey is the high number of hospitals that are taking advantage of the newest technology to ensure that the incidence of medical mistakes is minimized.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has pioneered development of a new rotavirus vaccine as well as the world’s first center to analyze child DNA profiles to understand genetic causes of childhood diseases. Compassionate care programs include weekly movie nights and video games in many new rooms as well as more than 30 support groups for families.

Children’s Hospital Boston is at the forefront of many organ reconstruction procedures for children and infants including reconstructing organs using a child’s own cells and leading heart surgeries on infants. The center has also pioneered research on testing sudden infant death syndrome victims to facilitate the development of a test to determine infants who are at risk for the disease. The hospital also runs one of the nation’s leading childhood obesity clinics.

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is refining a gene therapy process that has hopes of helping to cure hemophilia A, a disorder that can cause internal bleeding problems, especially in juveniles. The hospital also utilizes pet-assisted therapies for patients as well as birthday and Mardi Gras parties.

Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston is leading the way in research to identify the genes responsible for staph infections that are resistant to many antibodies. The facility was also chosen as the only American training center for the Berlin Heart – a mechanical device that is implanted in children waiting for a heart transplant. The hospital also provides DVD players and video games in every patient room to help with therapy.

US Capitol 10

According to Affordable Health Insurance, there are 45 million uninsured Americans. The health reform bill is a step in the right direction, and a step I’m sure Michael Moore is proud to see in action!

However, there is much work to be done. HR3962 is the most recent bill, which the AARP has endorsed because of its ability to help the Medicare system. The bill will require businesses to provide health coverage to their employees, but it also exempts businesses with payrolls less than $500,000 from providing such coverage.

You can learn more about H.R.3962 here, at the Library of Congress. Good luck in your research!

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Michael Moore is known for his documentaries that question aspects of government programs and officials. In his latest film, Sicko, he investigates the United States health care program. One of the major challenges of the health care program for some people is getting insurance. Some people have too many pre-existing conditions, while others are too overweight or make too much money. Moore investigates why the system fails to provide health care coverage for all Americans. He presents a challenge to all Americans to eat healthier and exercise more in order to make it more difficult for insurance companies to deny coverage based on prerequisites.

Health Care Lobbyists in Washington

Health insurance lobbyists in Washington are not too concerned about the health care of Americans and this is one of the major concerns of Michael Moore. Democratic and Republican parties alike are contributing about the same amount of money to the Washington health insurance lobbyists.

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It’s the challenge of a century, and the movie “Sicko” helped us become aware of the dire need to change our health care system.  How can this be achieved? We need to improve our health to ensure that we won’t end up in a hospital — or even without health insurance due to a debilitating “pre-existing condition.”

If you believe in the goals of this cause, you can send your own personal letter to Michael Moore, encouraging him to improve his own health as an example to a “sick” nation.  Let’s change the face of American health care, little-by-little. The small things count!